How to assure quality of the works ?

Make sure the quality of the contractor's previous work match your requirement. Invite the contractor to visit your existing premises to have better understanding of you preference. Ask for more detailed drawings, or even 3D perspectives, to get a better picture of what you will receive. In case of building multiple items, ask for a prototype first, amend and confirm before proceeding with the others.

Get one who can provide the quality fitting your need, not less, not much more.

Order less tailor made cabinet, which can be replaced by ready made ones. Purchase certain items by yourself or limit the amount of work assigned to main contractor, because contractors will add certain charges to all work assigned. Examples are air conditiners, close circuit TV. Try not to carry out work items bit by bit, or stage by stage, otherwise labour cost will be multiplied.

Confirm all design before receiving quotations from different contractors.

Careful planning and detailed discussion before commencement of project. Avoid major alteration of design or completed works during project. Early ordering of furniture and equipment minimize possibility of delay. Prompt decision making for all design items, fitting in contractor's schedule, is essential. Regular on site check and participation can reduce unnecessary changes.

Assign the job to a commercial, efficient contractor, rather than a residential one.


How to make sure that the project will be completed according to schedule ?

How to control the budget ?

Clinics normally need more rooms / partitions, which requires careful space planning. Hygiene is a major concern when selecting building material. Design of cabinet should fit in precisely with user's need. Extra plumbing/drainage and electrical work are necessary, and is particularly essential in dental clinics. Connection and relations with equipment are important.

A specialized designer and contractor will help to save a lot of time & trouble.


What is special about renovation and design of medical / dental clinics ?

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